We know that whether you’re on the road or on the water, you want a comfortable environment for whatever you’re doing. That’s why we work with customers with many different crafts to make sure your vessel is outfitted with the best equipment to fit your needs. For both the power and sail boat industry, Rixen’s offers a full line of heating systems specially tailored to bring comfort to your boat. Our hot air systems range from 7,500 to 27,300 btu’s and our hydronic systems go from 17,100 to 120,000 btu’s. When it comes to heating in the marine industry, no one does it better.

Hydronic heating is becoming the system of choice in the RV and marine industries. The system has many advantages over the propane system of the past. A hydronic system is incomparable to a reverse cycle AC system.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Efficiency – The hydronic system is more efficient because you heat your coach or yacht and the domestic water supply with the same furnace. It also allows you to place the fan units where they are the most efficient. The coolant in the furnace system maintains the heat and transfers it more efficiently through the fan units.

  • Comfort – “Zone” heating allows you to control different temperature settings in different areas. A hydronic system uses warm air to heat. This leaves moisture in the air and creates a stable air temperature. The loss of moisture can dry out the skin and nasal passages.

  • Quiet operation – The installation consists of several fan units placed throughout the coach or yacht. This set up enables you to heat different areas more consistently and quietly because you do not have one large fan trying to move heat through the whole system.

  • Domestic water supply – The ConstaHot can produce 106-degree water at 2.5 gpm continuously, an unlimited supply of hot water.

  • Fuel sources – These new systems are designed to operate from onboard diesel fuel or can operate independently on AC electric power. The electrical elements can produce enough BTU’s so you do not have to use the diesel furnace. The system also exchanges water with the engine to keep the system coolant warm while traveling or underway.

  • Engine Preheating – reduces wear and increases engine efficiency by keeping the engine and engine oil warm.

If there are any questions we can answer about this system or you’re interested in getting it installed, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 925-6260.


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