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Eberspächer (ESPAR) Partnership

Rixen's and Eberspächer formed an exclusive partnership in 2005 with the single mission to deliver the highest quality heating systems to the growing $26 billion U.S. RV market.  15 years later, Rixen's remains a key U.S. factory-authorized distributor of Eberspächer’s premium heating components.

Rixen’s engineers research, design, develop, test, and produce the RV industry’s leading high-efficiency heating systems that incorporate Eberspächer’s proprietary furnaces.  The two companies initially partnered together to develop a heating system for Class A motorhomes.

Eberspächer is a $5+ billion German corporation with approximately 10,000 employees.  The company researches, designers, and manufactures premium, commercial-grade exhaust, heating, air conditioning, and automotive controls products.

Innovative Engineering, Light Manufacturing, Assembly, and Kitting

Rixen's performs light manufacturing, assembly, and kitting for its hydronic heating systems.  The Company builds its own air handlers, tanks, and other specialty components and incorporates the ESPAR furnace to make systems suitable for RV end users that demand the highest quality possible.

Eberspächer Hydronic Furnace

In June 2020 Rixen's launched a proprietary, “smart-connected” control system that allows users to transmit status information to Rixen’s service department and allows users and service departments to observe the status of the furnace in real time via smart phone in order to troubleshoot or service the system remotely.  A key differentiator with the controller is its ability to adjust based on furnace altitude, and management has initiated intellectual property (IP) protectors for the device.



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