Embarking on outdoor adventures often means embracing the simplicity of life away from home. Rixens Auto Shower introduces a revolutionary system that combines satisfaction and convenience, providing you with a fresh, clean shower or hot water for cleaning, all from your vehicle's coolant system, neatly packed in a compact carrying case. For those embracing the van life, the Rixen Auto Shower emerges as a budget-friendly and user-friendly option. This blog explores the advantages of having the Rixen Auto Shower installed in your van, bringing convenience and simplicity to your on-the-road lifestyle.

Versatile Water Source Compatibility

The Rixens Auto Shower transforms any water source, be it a river, pond, or a simple bucket, into a hot water haven. Experience a remarkable 50-degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature effortlessly, catering to your need for warmth in any outdoor setting for showering or cleaning. 

Adjustable Temperature Control

Need hotter water? Rixens Auto Shower has you covered. A simple cycling back through a bucket allows you to achieve the desired temperature, giving you control over your outdoor shower experience. With this feature, you can have the comfort of a hot shower with your mobile home. 

Easy Installation Options

Installing the Rixens Auto Shower is a breeze. Whether you opt for a DIY approach or a quick installation at your local shop, the system becomes fully functional in no time. The compact design can be set up and put away in minutes! Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to hassle-free hot water on the go.

Compact and Portable Design

Designed with van life campers in mind, this system is perfect for those who want the luxury of a shower, the convenience of cleaning pets, rinsing sand or dirt from footwear, and even pumping water from point A to B. The beauty lies in its compact design, eliminating the need for an onboard water storage tank or supply system. Enjoy a hot shower without sacrificing precious storage space for your other adventure gear. The Rixen Auto Outdoor Shower is one of a kind with a portable design meant to be easy for campers to use. 

Utilizing Vehicle Engine Heat

Rixens Auto Shower is engineered to harness the heat from your vehicle's engine while it's running. The Rixens Outdoor Shower's innovative design ensures a continuous and reliable source of hot water, making it an ideal solution for those who want to stay clean and comfortable while exploring the great outdoors.

Why Choose Rixens Auto Shower?

Space Efficiency: Unlike traditional freshwater systems with a large footprint, Rixens Auto Shower prioritizes space efficiency. This means more room for your adventure gear on board, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor experiences.

Versatility in Use: Whether you're a camper, outdoor enthusiast, or someone who simply values on-the-go convenience, Rixens Auto Shower offers versatile applications. From refreshing showers to cleaning tasks, this system adapts to your needs seamlessly. The Rixen Auto Shower is your one solution to all your cleaning and hot water problems. 

Environmentally Friendly: By utilizing your vehicle's engine heat, Rixens Auto Shower minimizes the need for additional energy sources. This environmentally friendly approach aligns with the ethos of outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate sustainable solutions.


Rixens Auto Shower redefines the outdoor shower experience, providing campers and adventurers with a compact, efficient, and space-saving solution. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional water storage systems and embrace the freedom of hot water on demand, wherever your outdoor escapades take you. Install Rixens Auto Shower and elevate your outdoor experience with the luxury of a hot shower at your fingertips.

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