In the world of van life, where adventure meets comfort, innovations in vehicle customization continue to redefine the possibilities of mobile living. Among the latest trends gaining traction in the van conversion community is the integration of heated flooring systems, offering a new dimension of warmth and luxury to your on-the-go lifestyle. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the benefits, components, and installation process of heated flooring systems tailored for van conversions, along with everything you need to know to embark on your journey to four-dimensional heating bliss.

The Evolution of Heating Systems

Introducing Heated Flooring: Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional heating methods to keep your van cozy during chilly nights. With heated flooring systems, you can now elevate your RV's heating setup to the next level, enjoying improved efficiency and greater coverage that allows you to set and forget without worrying about energy consumption.

What the System Offers?

  1. Cabin Air: A fan-driven system circulates warm air throughout your van, ensuring consistent comfort with thermostatic control. This system is wireless and can operated remotely from the users smart phone ensuring you stay warm and can monitor energy consumption easily.
  2. On-Demand Hot Water: Utilizing a UL-listed double-wall heat exchanger, you can enjoy hot water on demand, knowing that your potable water remains uncontaminated.
  3. Engine Tap: By tapping into your vehicle's engine heat via a heat exchanger, you can preheat your system before arriving at your campsite, keeping your engine coolant and cabin coolant separate.
  4. Radiant Floor Heat: This innovative feature heats the thermal mass of your vehicle, retaining warmth more efficiently than traditional heating methods and saving energy in the process.

Customization Options

All heated flooring systems are made to order, tailored to fit your van's specific make and model. With three options for heated floor plumbing exits, you can accommodate your custom build needs with ease. Plus, with a turnaround time of just three weeks from the date of order, you can enjoy the benefits of heated flooring in no time.

Components and Construction

The heated flooring system utilizes a ¾” fiberglass-reinforced closed-cell foam to house the PEX piping and aluminum heat transfer plates. A ¼” overlay provides a smooth surface for your finish floor, CNC-mapped to indicate the positioning of the PEX piping and heat transfer plates. This precision engineering allows for confident penetrations through the floor, minimizing the risk of damage to the piping. At Rixen Enterprises, we provide comprehensive DIY instructions and are available to address any inquiries you may have. Alternatively, you can opt to bring your rig to our shop, where our skilled technicians can handle the installation process for you.

Key Features of the Foam Substrate

  1. Lightweight: Up to 60% lighter than plywood, reducing overall vehicle weight.
  2. Dimensionally Stable: Ensures correct fitment within specified tolerances.
  3. Insulating Properties: Three times more insulating than plywood, eliminating the need for additional insulation.
  4. Sound Deadening: Provides sound deadening properties, eliminating the need for additional soundproofing materials.

Installation Requirements: To complete your heated flooring system, you'll need a hydronic heater kit, which includes control panels, a pump, a heat exchanger, an expansion tank, an air handler, a floor heat kit, and optional engine preheat kit, along with all required tubing and fittings. These kits are sold separately and can be easily integrated into your van conversion project.

In conclusion, heated flooring systems offer a transformative solution for enhancing comfort and efficiency in van conversions. With their innovative design, customizable options, and easy installation process, these systems provide a new level of luxury for your on-the-road adventures. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, heated flooring ensures that you can enjoy warmth and comfort wherever the road takes you.

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