Sprinter and Class B & C RV’s

Sprinter Van

As you’re working to customize your vehicle, we’re confident our expertise in heating can get you one step closer to your ideal final product. We offer a full line of heating systems for sprinter and class B & C model coaches. Our airtronic units vary from 7,500 to 18,8000 btu and our hydronic systems go from 8,200 up to 17,100 btu. You will find everything you need to build a complete heating system.

The MCS 5 is designed as a modular system for space savings. It is based on our compact Hydronic 5 fuel operated heater. The system is comprised of the heater, AC Electric expansion tank, Demand Hot Water exchanger, system pump, and a low-amp air handler for space heating distribution.


The basic functionality of the system is explained here. The system coolant (water/antifreeze) is heated by the Espar heater. The hot system coolant circulates through the system, heating the Domestic water supply on demand, and then through the air handler to complete the circuit. Additionally the system coolant can be heated with shore power using the AC element.

A few of the most significant adavantages of different components are shown below.

Espar Hydronic 5

  • 17,100 BTU
  • diesel or gasoline
  • Multiple heat stages for efficiency
  • CARB approved

On Demand Hot Water

  • 1 gpm continuous (55 degree delta T)
  • No maintenance
  • Patented technology

AC Electric

  • Supplemental heat source
  • 1500 watt element (5,118 BTU’s)
  • 12.5 amps

If there are any questions we can answer about this system or you’re interested in getting it installed, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 925-6260.

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